Small Wonder Child Care

Of Lewistown, Montana

Water Safety = Water Fun!

Published 07/11/2023

Every summer Small Wonder participates in (optional) group swim lessons with the Lewistown City Pool. Families sign up with us and we coordinate with pool staff, rearrange our center staff & schedules, lather sunscreen on wiggly Little Wonders, and load up the vans every day for two weeks! Why You may ask?!:
1.Water Safety
2.Kids love the pool in the summer!
3.Water Safety
4.Service for our working families.
5.Water Safety!!
Everyone loves water fun, especially in the hot days of summer, but water fun also needs water safety precautions. This is crucial for children - drowning is the #1 preventable cause of death for children under age 5. Something none of us want to think about. The American Academy of Pediatrics says most children are ready for swim lessons by age 4, but before then here are some great safety tips for the adults in their lives.

See for more water safety tips. 💞