About Small Wonder Child Care

Small Wonder provides a nurturing, supportive, and structured environment and curriculum that encourages the growth and development of each child’s unique qualities.


The Philosophy of Small Wonder is based on a set of strongly held beliefs:

Early learning experiences are crucial to the growth and development of young children. Learning begins at birth, and we provide opportunities for children to mature and be ready for school entry when it is developmentally appropriate. We have developed a curriculum that is flexible enough to allow for each child’s individual needs and strengths.

Staff use positive methods of guidance with children. We establish consistent, age-appropriate limits to help children function in their world. A child’s day at Small Wonder is designed to develop a sense of independence and responsibility.

The strength of our programs lies in the dedication of our caregiving staff. We support our staff with training, resources, and freedom to create a unique loving and learning experience for children. Our caregivers create a caring and nurturing atmosphere, and foster each child’s creativity and positive self-image.

Parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. We strive to create mutual respect between our staff and parents; a partnership for the benefit of the child. Our doors are open to parents at all times.

Small Wonder Child Care, Inc. is open to all children who may benefit from our program, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or creed.

Small Wonder is a child care center which values people: the children in our care, their parents, and our employees.


Alesha Cheek

Assistant Teacher, Maroon Room

Allyssa Aamold

Assistant Teacher, Maroon Room

Amanda Kolar

Preschool Manager

Infant Toddler Certification, Preschool Certification, CDA credential
Annie Dunnington

Primary Caregiver, Pink Room

Preschool Certification, Infant Toddler Certification
Cody Scott

Assistant Teacher, Pink Room

Dalice Church

Assistant Teacher, Maroon Room

Hannah Alaers

Assistant Teacher, Turquoise Room

Ila DeLeo

Assistant Teacher, Green Room

Jaelyn Perry

Assistant Teacher, Maroon Room

Jaime Quigley

Education Director

Infant Toddler Certification, Preschool Certification
Jessica Anthony

Assistant Teacher, Green Room

Josie Maddux

Assistant Teacher, Green Room

Julie Dengel

Infant Toddler Center Cook

Kassia Madrid

Assistant Teacher, Pink Room

Kenzie Johnson

Assistant Teacher, Pink Room

Kleiv Johnston

Assistant Teacher, Green Room

Kylie Downs


Bachelors in Elementary Education
Kylie Gordon

Assistant Teacher, Kids Club

Lacey Gloyne

Primary Caregiver, Red Room

Infant Toddler Certification, Preschool Certification, CDA Credential, Associates in early childhood education
Leanna Gloyne

Primary Caregiver, Turquoise Room

CDA credential, infant/toddler certification, preschool certification
Makenna Williams

Assistant Teacher, Yellow Room

Mary Deleo

Primary Caregiver, Kinder-Prep

Preschool Certification, Infant Toddler Certification, CDA credential
Michelle Howard

Primary Caregiver, STARS Room

Preschool Certification, Infant Toddler Certification
Natalie Bonney

Assistant Teacher, Yellow Room

Nicole Karhi

Assistant Teacher, Red Room

Pam Branvold

Kitchen Staff, Preschool Center

Shawn Alderink

Primary Caregiver, Maroon Room

CDA credential, infant toddler certification
Stacie Sallee

Assistant Teacher, Kinder-Prep

Tiffany Dieckman

Primary Caregiver, Red Room

Infant Toddler Certification, Preschool Certification
Wendy Ward

Primary Caregiver, Yellow Room

Preschool certification, CDA credential