Sick Child Policy

Small Wonder is a well child care facility. This means that if your child is not feeling well, for any reason, you will need to find alternate care. Please do not bring your child if they have:

This policy benefits your child in two ways: First, by ensuring that your child gets adequate care. You, the parent, can offer your child the most comfort when he or she is ill and make the best decisions about care, including taking him or her to the doctor if necessary. Second, this firm exclusion policy protects your child from contagion when another child is ill.

You, as the parent, are ultimately responsible for determining your child’s ability to actively participate in the daily activity in the center or on the playground. While we sympathize with the needs of each parent and their child, we must provide a healthy environment for the other children in the center. A sick child often needs special, one-on-one attention. It is difficult for a caregiver to take time away from well children to devote special attention to a sick child.

We appreciate your compliance with our Sick Child Policy. As always, feel free to call if you are uncertain about your child’s condition. As a general rule, if your child is not up to par due to illness, please keep your child at home.