Small Wonder Child Care

Lewistown, Montana


September 20, 2023

We have a tie! Combining both sets of voting tallies, doors B & G each received 21 votes! Congratulations!!

Thank you to everyone who voted and to all our teachers for working so hard on both their doors and providing a welcoming classroom every day for every kid!

Today is National Care for Kids Day! Celebrated annually on September 20th, this is a time for us to recognize the impact adults have on children and take positive action that will make a difference for them. In so many ways, big and small, children are impacted by their environment - at home, in a care setting, and even in their community. The choices we make for children every day, especially during the crucial 'Zero to Five' developmental period, will have a lifelong impact on them. We challenge you, and ourselves, to consider the many ways you can show care for the children in your life and in our community. Follow this link to see our pledge to children and join us in committing to make a difference for kids!