Small Wonder Child Care

Lewistown, Montana

Fabulous Family Friday!

April 7, 2023

Friday was Family Day! What a wonderful way to wrap up Week of the Young Child by celebrating all of our amazing families that share their Small Wonders with us everyday! We had so much fun this week doing special activities with all of the unique and precious children in our program! Thank you to all our families for sharing these awesome kiddos with us every day and doing fun activities in honor of the importance of them and their childhood. We can't wait to celebrate our fabulous families more during our Family Appreciation Week coming up soon! At the start of this week each family was given a personalized handprint from their child to wear throughout the week to celebrate not only their child but all children and the wonder of childhood. We invite our families to share pictures or stories of your favorite day from this special week, your handprint pin, or an activity you did with your Little Wonder at home! Here’s a few more fun links to help make any day a special Family Day!: Montana Family Resources: (image: happy.png)