Small Wonder Child Care

Lewistown, Montana

Colorful Artsy Thursday!

April 6, 2023

Artsy Thursday was so much colorful fun! Our Small Wonders had handfuls of fun showing us how art can be a part of every day! Keeping in the spirit of Work Together Wednesday, Orange and Pink rooms created colorful group rainbows using their hand prints. The kids loved getting only a little bit messy! (image: orange-is-1-corrected.png) Turquoise room had Tasty Tuesday in mind with their structure art by building three-dimensional rainbows using fruit loops and marshmallows- colorful and yummy! (image: turq-js.png) Preschoolers enjoyed some spring sunshine doing spray art outside! (image: yellow-crop.jpg) While Thursday was all about having fun with art, the extra cool thing is our kiddos were secretly working on their future writing skills too. All of these activities help build awareness, strength, and dexterity of the hand muscles which will be used one day for writing letters, numbers, and more! Another example of how “for children, play is serious learning”- Mr. Rogers. Here's some fun, easy art ideas to do with your Little Wonder at home: What is process art information: Why all of the arts are so important for developing minds & bodies: (image: pink-rm.png)