Innovative Child Care in Lewistown, Montana

Small Wonder is helping develop the next generation of Central Montanans through high-quality child care. Our innovative approach is centered on child development and education. Our classrooms provide a nurturing, supportive, and structured environment that encourages the growth of each child’s unique qualities, while experiences and curriculum encourage our students to flourish in their school and home lives.

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Family Fun Bingo!

June 12, 2024

Looking for some new and different family activities for summer? Check out our Family Activity Bingo Card! It's loaded with fun things your family can do together! It's easy to join in: 📃 Get Your Card: You can use this card digitally or print it out ❣️ Complete Activities: Do activities together …

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Stars have been shining in Central Montana the last few weeks! We rolled out the red carpet for our Little Wonders in honor and celebration of their hard work completing Pre-School! They gave a Star performance to a grand audience before being awarded their diplomas in style! Congratulations to our …

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