Red Room

For 24 to 35 months

Our classroom is very hands on. We believe children learn by discovery. The teachers have activities that are set up every day to allow the students to get messy and explore at their own pace. These experiences teach science, math, social skills, and work on their motor skills. Sensory development is fundamental to our room.


Meet The Teachers

Lacey Gloyne

Primary Caregiver, Red Room

Infant Toddler Certification, Preschool Certification, CDA Credential, Associates in early childhood education
Kaemyn Wittmier

Assistant Teacher, Red Room

Upcoming Events

Small Wonder Christmas Program

Classrooms: All ● 6:30 p.m.

Venue: Trade Center

Closed for Christmas

Classrooms: All

Closed for Christmas

Classrooms: All

Closed for New Year’s Day

Classrooms: All


December 2018

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